Umberto the Unicorn - Seconds!

Umberto the Unicorn - Seconds!

Meet Umberto... He's our new 'Italian Stallion' Unicorn ... a fabulous LARGE metal unicorn garden ornament (or for indoors too!)

We have a few that haven't made it through quality control so we are selling at a reduced price of £19 each (free delivery) Usual RRP is £40. The imperfections include slight scratches, bent body curls, paint blemishes, mis painted areas etc. Attached are pictures which show examples of the issues. All items are easily fixed up but due to paint cracks on some, it may be recommended to varnish / fix before putting outside to prevent rusting. Please note there are no returns on these seconds. 

He has a quirky design and is finished in a slight shabby chic gloss black / blue finish and striking, vibrant gold wings and features. He stands tall at 107cm high and has with a quirky curly, gold tail and mane with a lovely golden horn. He would look majestic in any setting!

Small easy assembly required.

Size 107cm (H) x 24cm (W) x 64cm (L)

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