Suzy Sheep!

Meet Suzy Sheep! She's Peppa Pig's Sheep friend!

She is officially licensed and we at Olive & Sage, are very proud to have exclusivity to Peppa, George and their friends! 

She's made from metal and painted in the official colours with cute features and she, Peppa and their friends 'wobble' in the wind! 

She's certainly a statement piece for any garden and looks wonderful with Peppa and her friends! She makes a fabulous gift! You can buy together with discounts;

Peppa & George - £46 (enter the code PEPPAGEORGE at the checkout) 

Peppa & 1 Friend - £49 (code PEPPA2)

Peppa & 2 Friends - £69 (code PEPPA3)

Peppa & 3 Friends - £88 (code PEPPA4)

Peppa, 3 Friends & George - £108 (code PEPPA5)

Delivery is free within the UK. 

Size: H: 26cm W: 22cm D: 18cm

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