Sparkles the Unicorn! Seconds

Sparkles the Unicorn! Seconds

Meet Sparkles...💕 She's our new Unicorn addition ... She is the Babicorns' (Uma & Ulysses) Nanny! and a fabulous, metal unicorn garden ornament (or for indoors too!)

We have a few that haven't made it through quality control so we are selling at a reduced price of £19 each (free delivery) Usual RRP is £29. The imperfections include slight scratches, paint blemishes, mis painted areas etc. All items are easily fixed. Please note there are no returns on these seconds. 

She has a quirky design and is finished in off white colour with a shabby chic, 'muddy' effect. She stands at 70cm high and has with a quirky rainbow tail and mane with a lovely golden yellow horn. 

Small easy assembly required (her tail and head need attaching)

Size H: 70cm W: 65cm D: 15cm

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