Shaun & Timmy the Sheep!

Shaun & Timmy the Sheep!

Meet Shaun and Timmy .. the new Sheep on the block... they are metal Sheep garden ornaments (for indoors too!)

They have a quirky design and are finished in a matt cream colour with a fluffy coat and a cheeky face with large ears. Their heads are detachable and move in the wind... very cute!

Please note that they will weather if left out in adverse conditions (frosty months etc)

You can buy them separately or together for the one-off, reduced price of £58 (free delivery)

Shaun: L 50cm x H 41 cm x W 18cm

Timmy: L 37cm x H 23 cm x W 18cm

We have VERY limited stock available so please order early to avoid disappointment!

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