Pandora the Baby Unicorn

Meet Pandora...ūüíē ¬†She's one of our new Baby¬†Unicorns (Babicorns) ... a fabulous metal unicorn garden ornament (or for indoors too!)

She has a quirky design and is finished in a fabulous off white colour with a glowing pearlised effect. She stands at 57cm high and has with a quirky, glittery tail and mane with a lovely golden horn.

Her Tail and Mane are finished in gorgeous glittery pastel rainbow colours (pink, lemon, turquoise, pale blue and lilac) .. just stunning! 

Small easy assembly required.

Size 57cm (H) x 14cm (W) x 38cm (L)

VERY Limited stock available - please order early to avoid disappointment 

2BABICORNS (£5 off 2 babies), 3BABICORNS (£10 off 3 babies), 4BABICORNS (£15 off 4 babies), 5BABICORNS (£20 off 5 babies), 6BABICORNS (£25 off 6 babies), 7BABICORNS (£30 off 7 babies) 

You can purchase Storm with his wife Venus for £10 off (use code GLITTER) 

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