Hugo & Holly the Hedgehogs!

Hugo & Holly the Hedgehogs!

Meet Hugo and Holly! They are our new additions to our fabulous range! They are metal Hedgehog ornaments / planters (for indoors or outdoors!)

They are made from metal and have a quirky finish. They have spikes cute facial features with a snouty, button nose and adorable feet and ears. Each has a metal pot in the middle for plants - the are very useful but cute Hedgehogs!

You can purchase both separately or together for a reduced price of £28!! (free delivery) 

Holly : 17cm (H) x 15cm (W) x 31cm (D)

Hugo : 22cm (H) x 19cm (W) x 39.5cm (D)

 **We have VERY limited stock - Please order early to avoid disappointment**

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