Gwendoline the Dragon!

Meet Gwendoline... she's our new, fabulous Dragon Ornament! Made from metal, with intricate detailing, she is a wonderful piece. She is finished in a brilliant metallic and vibrant yellow colour. 

She would make a wonderful gift and a statement piece in any garden or room!

There are 8 existing dragons in this fabulous range. Dave (Red), Viserion (Blue), Drogon (Orange) Scorch (Green) Lucifer (Red) Rhaegal (Blue) George (Blue) and Dark Storm (Black) 

Gwedoline (yellow), Dalinda (purple) and Libelle (pink) are our new Girl Dragons (all have VERY limited stock arriving in November)

Size: H: 80cm x D42 x W74cm 

** VERY Limited Stock of Dalinda and Gwendoline arriving for delivery by 20th November (Libelle will be available a few weeks later)** 

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