Fonzi the Flambino - Pre Order

Fonzi the Flambino - Pre Order

Meet Fonzi... He's Fabio & Florence's gorgeous baby boy! He's fabulous metal flamingo garden ornament (or for indoors too!)

He has a quirky design and finished in gorgeous vibrant pink colour with his beautiful body in two tone pink and jet black beak. He has intricate feathers which add to his glamorous look!

Small easy assembly required. 

45cm (H) x 26cm (W) x 14cm (D)

We have VERY limited stock arriving the first week in December! Please order early to avoid disappointment! They look great together or as a family!

You can purchase him on his own for £16 or others in the Fabio Family, for the following discounts:

£29 for 2 babies (Add code BABYFAB to the checkout to apply the discount)

£39 for 1 Adult and 1 Baby (Add code FABS to the checkout)

£53 for 1 Adult and 2 Babies (Add code FABS2 to the checkout)

£51 for 2 Adults (Add code FABLOVE to the checkout) 

£76 for the full 4 Flamingos (Add code FABFAM to the checkout)

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