Fairy Accessory Pack

Create a little magic with this gorgeous and quirky Fairy Accessory Pack. Made from resin and metal with fabulous detailing, this would certainly add a touch of magic to any garden (or indoors too!) 

Matching Fairy Garden items available - VERY LIMTED STOCK AVAILABLE!

The set contains 7 pieces as listed below:-

Roundabout: H16 x W19 x D19 cms

Hammock: H12 x W12 x D4 cms

Chair: H9 x W5 x D6 cms

Table: H7 x W6 x D6 cms

Lantern: H17 x W3 x D4 cms

Fairy In Leaf Boat: H6 x W6 x D12 cms

Reading Fairy: H8 x W3 x D6 cms

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