Emu Garden Ornament

Esmeralda the Emu! Pre Order

Meet Esmeralda (Esme for short) .... She's our lovely, new Emu..she's a fabulous LARGE metal Emu garden ornament (or for indoors too!)

She has a quirky design and finished in gorgeous, vibrant blue colour with yellow accents. She stands tall with a gloss finish on her body and face. She has google eyes and cute eyelashes .. a wonderful addition to any garden! 

Small easy assembly required.

Size (Esme) : 93cm (H) x 45cm (W) x 22cm (D)

You can purchase her on his own for £28 or others in the Emu Family, for the following discounts:

£29 for 2 babies (Add code BABYEMUS to the checkout to apply the discount)

£39 for 1 Adult and 1 Baby (Add code EMUS to the checkout)

£51 for 2 Adults (Add code EMULOVE to the checkout) 

£76 for the full 4 Emus (Add code EMUFAM to the checkout)

The 2 Adult Emus are available for delivery w/c 17th December and available for pre order now. The babies have sold out for pre xmas delivery and will be back again mid to end of January. 

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