Butterflies - Limited Offer!

Butterflies - Limited Offer!

Here's our collection of our wall art Butterflies! They are quirky, unusual metal garden ornaments. 

Each one has an intricate design and are wall mountable. They are painted in vibrant colours and excellent piece for brightening up any garden or patio / balcony area! They make an ideal gift too!

We are offering a limited offer of the following: Was £15 each 

£15 for 1, £20 for 2, £27 for 3 or £34 for 4, £41 for 5, £48 for 6 or £55 for all 7!

Offer only lasts as long as stock is available so please order early to avoid disappointment!

Descriptions are available on the individual listings.

Choose which butterflies you wish to purchase (By adding to your cart) and then apply the following discount codes on checkout to apply the discount:

2BUTTER (if purchasing 2)

3BUTTER (if purchasing 3)

4BUTTER (if purchasing 4)

5BUTTER (if purchasing 5)

6BUTTER (if purchasing 6)

7BUTTER (if purchasing 7)

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