Bug Eye Sally-Mander

Meet Sally-Mander.. she's part of our Bug Eye range! She's a fabulous Salamander ornament (for indoors or outdoors) Made from metal, she has a quirky design and finished in authentic hand painted colours. 

She looks fabulous with her pals and we have discounts if purchasing multiples (please see below)

Size:  27.5 x 9 x 15.5cm

We have VERY limited stock!

You can purchase her on her own for £16 - reduced from £23 or with others in the Bug Eyes range, add the following discount codes at the checkout.

£28 for 2 (Add code BUGEYES2 to the checkout to apply the discount)

£36 for 3 (Add code BUGEYES3 to the checkout)

£49 for 4 (Add code BUGEYES4 to the checkout) 

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