Bonnie the Basset Hound

Meet Bonnie... She's our gorgeous new Basset Hound. She's a fabulous metal garden ornament (or for indoors too!)

She has a quirky design and finished in authentic colours with a cute bobble head that moves and a tail that 'wags' in the wind. 

He comes in a presentable kennel so is ideal for a gift.

26cm (H) x 23cm (W) x 14cm (D)

We only have VERY limited stock - Please order early to avoid disappointment! 

You can purchase him on his own for £25 or with others in the Bobble Buddies range, for the following discounts. Add the Bobble Buddies you want to the check out and apply the following codes:

£45 for 2 Bobble Buddies (Add code BOBBLE2 to the checkout to apply the discount)

£65 for 3 Bobble Buddies (Add code BOBBLE3 to the checkout)

£84 for 4 Bobble Buddies (Add code BOBBLE4 to the checkout)

£103 for 5 Bobble Buddies (Add code BOBBLE5 to the checkout) 

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