3 Twinkle Pet Friends

Meet our new gang of Funky Pet Animals! They have Twinkle Toes that chime in the wind! There is Buddy the Dog, Tigger the Cat and Snowball the Rabbit! 

They are a fabulous collection of metal garden ornaments (or for indoors too!) with a quirky, rustic finish to add a touch of character to any space!

Ideal for gifts, they are attached to a spring and can hang anywhere - their toes make a tinkling, soothing noise in the wind.. just adorable! 

Each animal is designed with fun features and finished in a characteristic colour. They look fabulous in the set of 3. There are matching Zoo Funky Friends available too

Buddy the Dog: H:35cm x W:15cm x D:12cm

Tigger the Cat: H:34cm x W:17cm x D:12cm

Snowball the Rabbit: H:34cm x W:14cm x D:12cm

Please note we have VERY limited stock available! 

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