Bobbin Triceratops Bell

Meet our new gang of Bobbin Dinos! They have Twinkle Toes that chime in the wind! There is Terror the T-Rex, Bronte the Brontosaurus, Stevie the Stegosaurus and Tina the Triceratops !

They are a fabulous collection of metal garden ornaments (or for indoors too!) with a quirky, rustic finish to add a touch of character to any space!

Ideal for gifts, they are attached to a spring and can hang anywhere - their toes make a tinkling, soothing noise in the wind.. just adorable! 

They are £18 each or you can buy 2 for £28, 3 for £37 or 4 for £46

Size: 38cm x 8cm x 22cm

Please note we have VERY limited stock available! 

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