Illuminate Your Room- Make Space More Inviting With Floor Lamps

A well-lit house can create a positive aura in your room. You may have installed lavish furnishings in your room. However, without a modern lighting system, you can never beautify your room. Buy the best floor lamps for your bedrooms, living rooms, and study rooms. The floor lamp is the perfect choice to combine functionalities and styles at a time.

You can install it near your bedside, study table, and various other spots. The freestanding LED lamps light up your dark corners while creating a fantastic ambience. Also, it does not cost much to purchase floor lamps for every room of your house.

Brighten up a dull looking room-

Available in modern and classic styles, floor lamps have slim silhouettes, which do not consume space in your room. They can fill the room with light and make you feel comfortable. They look best in both office rooms and living rooms.

Moreover, as these contemporary floor lamps do not have bulky designs, you can move them to different places. From single stylized stands to tripod models, floor lamps are available in diverse styles. Thus, elevate the aesthetic value of your room by installing these lamps. Replace the old and outdated style bulbs with a floor lamp.

A simple floor lamp can bring a magical transformation to your room. You will have both downlight and uplight in one spot. Also, a tall model will diffuse its light rays over a large space. At Olive and Sage, we have floor lamps made of different base materials, like-
• Metal
• Wrought iron
• Wood
• Steel
• Marble
• Aluminum

Our floor lamps are available with different types of bulbs-

• Incandescent
They are classic bulbs producing a warm glow. Although they are not energy efficient, these models are available at a very low price.

Most of our modern lamps have LED bulbs, as they last for about 20 years. Moreover, these technologically advanced bulbs have a high energy-efficiency and do not contain mercury.

• Halogen
We have some floor lamps with halogen bulbs that have halogen gas. However, they can be hotter than your standard light bulbs.

Thinking of brightness level of your lamp?

We have innovatively designed floor lamps with brightness settings and adjustability. Based on your needs, you may increase the brightness level and get intense light from the floor lamp. Some models are available with dimmable systems. The best ones are those, which provide you with automated brightness adjustment technologies.